Florida Hit Hard by Heavy Rain and Strong Winds

Florida hit. Florida’s been caught in a serious rainstorm, causing chaos with flooded neighborhoods, submerged roads, and leaving more than 108,000 people without power.

The Weather Woes

Central and southern parts of Florida faced heavy rainfall for a stretch from Wednesday to early Thursday. The storm just didn’t seem to move much over the Gulf of Mexico.

Flood Alerts

Nearly 7 million folks put on flood watch on Wednesday. On top of that, strong winds smacked the coast, hitting 74 mph near Miami and 63 mph at Dania Pier near Fort Lauderdale.

Rain Reports

The rain really poured: Miami-Dade County saw over 9 inches in Cache, 7.58 inches in Coral Gables, and almost 5 inches in Miami. Broward County also faced it heavy with 8.30 inches in Plantation and between 2.48 to 5.85 inches in different parts of Fort Lauderdale.

Radar Revelations

Between Key Largo and the southern Everglades, radar estimates went through the roof, recording a staggering 15 to 20 inches of rainfall.

The Chaos Unleashed

Pictures and videos showed the mess—the highways partially submerged, streets turning into rivers, and those fierce winds whipping palm trees.

Impact on Schools and Transport

Schools in Broward County shut down due to the wild weather, and Miami-Dade County’s Metromover service went kaput, replaced by free buses due to major flooding. Other public transports faced delays, making commuting a nightmare.

City Suffering

Fort Lauderdale hit hard, reporting power outages, flooding on roads, and some wind damage overnight. The ground is so soaked that even more rain might not drain away.

Ongoing Concerns

The city anticipated the highest tide of the year, which could make the situation worse. More rain, up to 4 inches, and wind gusts of 40 mph expect, keeping the flood watch in effect until noon Thursday.

Power Outages and Warnings

Over 108,000 folks left in the dark across Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The warning bells kept ringing with high wind warnings for the coastal areas and storm warnings for the waters.

Rain Stats and Departure

This week’s rainfall has already pushed Fort Lauderdale’s annual rainfall above 100 inches, more than 40 inches above average for the year. As of Thursday, the storm moving away from Florida, but strong winds stuck around.

What’s Ahead?

Though the storm is veering away from Florida, it could still bring some downpours and wind in central and northern Florida. It’s expected to brush the Carolina coast and later swing by New England, but major rainfall not predict.