Why Diggie is a Must-Ban Annoying Support in Mobile Legends

In the exciting world of Mobile Legends, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, each playing a special role. Think of support heroes as the silent heroes who help out with cool skills. Now, when it comes to the most annoying support hero that you absolutely should ban, it’s none other than Diggie – the troublemaker.

Support Heroes Stepping Up

You can think of support heroes in Mobile Legends as secret weapons because they have special skills that let them heal, control crowds, or give their team extra power. It is the job of these heroes to protect their friends and make sure they make it through epic battles alive when things get out of hand during conflicts.

A lot of support stars have been hired by Moonton, the team that is in charge of Mobile Legends. Each of them, including Estes, Kaja, Rafaela, Angela, and Mathilda, is expected to play a certain role in the group.

The Tricky Moves of Support Heroes in Mobile Legends

While support heroes are important, some of them can be a bit more tricky to deal with compared to other hero types like mages. Their sneaky moves often leave opponents scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to handle their disruptive tricks.

Enter Diggie – the standout annoying support hero in Mobile Legends who deserves a ban. Diggie’s irritating moves mess with the plans of junglers and EXP laners, making life tough for them.

Diggie’s Pesky Tricks: Time Bomb Chaos

Diggie is like the master of chaos, tossing Time Bombs strategically all over the battlefield. This not only messes with the movements of the other heroes but also causes a big headache. And wait, there’s more – Diggie has a skill called Time Journey that acts like a shield, protecting the team from the enemy’s tricky crowd control moves.

Turning Back Time: Diggie’s Sneaky Skills

Diggie’s skill, Reverse Time, not only hurts enemies but also pulls them back. These skills turn Diggie into a real troublemaker, making him a major annoyance on the battlefield.

Diggie’s Reputation: A Hero That Needs a Ban

All these things add up to Diggie being one of the most annoying support heroes in Mobile Legends, making it a SLOTJARWO smart move to ban him right from the start. His tricky moves can change the course of the battle, making him a top choice for those aiming to grab a victory.

To Wrap It Up: Ban Diggie, Keep the Peace

In the lively world of Mobile Legends, knowing how support heroes can shake things up is crucial. Diggie, with his bag of tricks and annoying moves, is a hero you definitely don’t want to go up against. So, when you’re planning your ban list, make sure Diggie is on it. Let’s get rid of the annoyance and make Mobile Legends a smoother and less crazy experience.